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Those waiting for Nigeria to break will be sorely disappointed.

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo stated this at an event in Abuja, expressing confidence that Nigeria will remain united as a strong nation to the frustration of those waiting to see the country broken into pieces.

Osinbajo acknowledged the need for all Nigerians to be guaranteed a fair chance at improving their human condition, urging the youths to be a part of conversations.

He further asked the young generation to shelve ongoing agitations for youths in positions of power, stressing that such was unlikely to happen.


President Muhammadu Buhari has joined the growing list of world leaders congratulating the newly elected Iranian President, Ebrahim Raisi, assuring the nation of closer cooperation.

President Buhari gave the congratulatory message in a statement signed by his Senior Special Assistant on media and publicity, Garba Shehu.

The President however advised the President-elect to unite the country for the sake of protecting the common interests of Iranians that transcend party lines.

He also urged Iranians to brush political differences aside and support Raisi to succeed in efforts to help the country overcome its challenges, including the impact of Covid-19 pandemic and the crippling sanctions imposed on the country.


Ethiopia’s Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed, has refuted reports making the rounds that there is hunger in the country’s war-torn region of Tigray.

Abiy, who made the denial while fielding questions from reporters, maintained that there is no hunger in Tigray as speculated.

The Prime Minister however admitted that there is a problem in the region but assured that the government is capable of fixing the anomaly.

He insisted that the starvation was being used as a weapon of war by troops from neighbouring Eritrea who are fighting alongside Ethiopian forces in Tigray, an allegation the Eritrean authorities denied.


The World Health Organization, W.H.O, has raised an alarm over the shortage of Covid-19 doses for a large number of poorer countries receiving vaccines through a global sharing scheme called COVAX.

W.H.O’s senior adviser, Dr Bruce Aylward, raised the alarm at a  briefing in Geneva, Switzerland, lamenting that the shortages come as some nations in Africa witness a third wave of infections.

Aylward who said 131 Countries have so far received 90 million covid-19 jabs through COVAX, bemoaned that out of the 80 low-income countries involved in the programme, half of them lack sufficient vaccines to sustain their vaccination programmes

This comes barely days after South African President, Cyril Ramaphosa, called for an end to vaccine hoarding by wealthier countries.


German Authorities have condemned the new law in Hungary which bans the display and promotion of homosexuality among under-18.

German Europe Minister, Michael Roth, made the condemnation in an interview with newsmen ahead of a meeting with his European Union counterparts in Luxembourg, arguing that the E.U law violates values.

Roth, who pointed out that the union is not primarily a single market or currency union but a community of values, therefore stressed the need to treat minority groups with due respect.

Hungary’s Parliament had on Tuesday, June 16, passed a legislation banning dissemination of content deemed to promote homosexuality and gender change in schools, triggering strong criticism from human rights groups and opposition parties.


The United Kingdom is concluding plans to join the Asia-pacific free trade area which could grant businesses access to some of the biggest economies of the present and future.

U.K’s international trade secretary, Liz Truss, gave the hint in a statement, saying the country applied to join the bloc in January following Brexit.

Truss explained that joining the comprehensive and progressive agreement for trans-pacific partnership would be a glittering post-Brexit prize for the U.K

Information has it that if negotiations to join the trade area succeed, the U.K will be the first non-founding country to apply to join the pact and would be its second biggest economy after Japan.


The United States Defence Department known as Pentagon will not rule out the possibility of slowing down plans of withdrawing troops from Afghanistan in light of recent battlefield victories by the hardline Islamist group, Taliban.

Pentagon’s spokesman, John kirby, disclosed to Journalists that the September 11 deadline for a full withdrawal was still in place, but the pace may change if need be.

Kirby, who condemned the security situation in Afghanistan, noted that changes to its withdrawal are likely as the Taliban continue to conduct the attacks, raid District Centres and unleash violence on the Nation.

Report indicated that Afghanistan has seen increasing violence from the Taliban following the U.S and NATO’S preparation to pull out their remaining troops from the South Asian Country.


Australian Authorities have re-imposed a one week mask mandate in Sydney, as the most populous state, New South Wales, records its biggest rise in new locally acquired Covid-19 cases.

New South Wales State Premier, Gladys Berejiklian, made the announcement while fielding questions from Newsmen.

Berejiklian explained that ten new locally acquired cases of the Delta variant were reported in the state of which eight are household contacts of previous cases in isolation.

He therefore revealed that masks will be mandatory indoors for another one week from Thursday, June 24, warning of severe consequences for violators.


A United States Federal Judge has dismissed most of the claims filed in a case suing former President Donald Trump after security officers forcefully cleared peaceful demonstrators outside the white house last summer.

The American Civil Liberties Union and other U.S civil rights groups had in June 2020 accused Trump and top officials of violating the constitutional rights of black lives matters campaigners and individual protesters.

In her ruling, U.S district Judge, Dabney Friedrich, dismissed the claims filed against Trump, arguing that the conspiracy allegations against the ex-President and several of his top officials were too speculative.

She also dismissed the Plaintiffs’ push for a court order that would require the government to change its use-of-force practices against protesters.

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