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The importance of culture in reaffirming the co-existence among people cannot be over emphasized.

The Lijofi of Ondo kingdom, Chief Odunmoluwa Fadoju, stated this on sidelines of the 2021 Odun Oba festival held at the Osemawe’s palace in Ondo kingdom.

While addressing EKI FM’s reporter on the importance of culture not only in Ondo kingdom but also across the globe, Chief Fadoju reiterated that culture is a mirror of life that reaffirms the need for co-existence.

He stressed that culture brings unity to a community and the nation at large, urging youths to embrace culture and ensure it is kept intact.

Odun Oba festival is a seven day programme, which comes up every July, involving the subjugation of all chiefs and indigenes of Ondo kingdom at the Osemawe’s palace.


Ethiopia’s governing prosperity party has won most seats in the country’s parliamentary election, a victory that assures Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed another five-year term in office.

Official results released by the country’s election board disclosed that the governing party won the delayed elections with an overwhelming majority of 410 out of 436 seats.

Reacting in a statement posted on his verified social media account, the prime minister described the vote as a historically inclusive election.

However, another round of elections has been scheduled to hold on September 6 in areas where elections could not hold due to insecurity and logistical problems, but a date has not been confirmed for the war-torn Tigray region.


South Africa’s president, Cyril Ramaphosa, is appealing for calm as violent protests linked to the imprisonment of his Predecessor, Jacob Zuma, rocked the entire country.

No fewer than twenty-five lorries were said to have been torched and shops looted in Zuma’s home province of Kwazulu Natal, leading to the arrest of 28 persons on charges including public violence, burglary and contravention of covid-19 restrictions.

Speaking in a televised address, President Ramaphosa urged residents of the country to sheath their swords, directing that criminal elements must be met with full weight of the law.

The former South African president had on July handed himself over to police to serve a 15-month jail term for contempt of court in connection with a corruption investigation.


A group of global philanthropists, including the Bill and Melinda gates foundation, are concluding plans to provide the sum of 93.5 million pounds emergency funding to cover some foreign aid cuts in the United Kingdom.

The group, which also includes the children’s investment fund foundation and the ELMA foundation hinted that the emergency funds would help projects tackling preventable diseases and providing family planning and sexual health services.

They stressed that it would prevent life-saving drugs from being thrown away because they pass their expiry date, and ensure women living in the poorest parts of the world are able to avoid unplanned pregnancies.

In his reaction, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, welcomed the emergency funding as desperately needed, urging the U.K government to restore its commitment to spend 0.7 per cent of national income on foreign aid.


Chinese and North Korean leaders have pledged cooperation in the face of foreign hostility.

Chinese President, Xi Jinping, and North Korean Leader, Kim Jong Un, made the pledge as both sides mark 60th anniversary of the signing of their treaty of friendship, cooperation and mutual assistance.

In a message to the North Korean leader, president xi promised to bring cooperation between both nations to a new stage, while Kim said despite the unprecedentedly complicated international situation in recent years the trust and militant friendship between the duo get stronger day by day.

Information has it that china has been North Korea’s only key ally since the two sides signed the treaty in 1961, and international sanctions imposed over Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programmes have made it more dependent than ever on Beijing for trade and other support.


The wounded widow of Haiti’s president, Jovenel Moïse, has finally spoken up on the gruesome murder of her husband in his private residence by unknown assassins.

In a voice message posted on social media, Martine Moïse revealed that her husband was unable to say a single word as the attack happened in the blink of an eye.

Martine, who was critically injured in the attack and is currently receiving treatment in Miami, Florida, urged Haitians not to lose their focus over the attack, vowing to continue her late husband’s legacy.

The 53-year old Haitian president was killed on July 7, allegedly by 28 foreign mercenaries, an attack that triggered national and international condemnations.

That was the Haitian minister for election, Matthias Pierre, speaking on ongoing plans to reform the constitution and conduct of the country’s forthcoming presidential elections.


Firefighters in California are currently battling a surging wildfire in northern axis of the U.S state as a record-breaking heat hits the west and southwest regions.

California’s Death Valley national park reportedly registered a high of 54 degrees celsius and was expected to reach the same temperature this weekend.

Local officials disclosed to reporters that about 1,300 personnel were deployed to stop the flames from reaching populated areas near the blaze, while some evacuations had been ordered.

The blazes come just weeks after the Northwestern U.S and Canada’s west coast were hit by record temperatures late last month, triggering authorities in both countries to open cooling centers and urge residents to stay cool indoors.


The official death toll of the partial collapse of a 40-year old 12-storey building in Miami, southern axis of Florida has continued to witness an upward slide.

Local authorities disclosed to newsmen that emergency workers recovered seven additional bodies from the rubble, bemoaning that the death toll is expected to rise.

They however revealed that no fewer than 54 people are still missing including a devoted grandmother, a beloved teacher and the sister of Paraguay’s first lady.

It would be recalled that the Champlain towers collapsed in Surfside, Florida, on June 24 with eighty-six people confirmed dead and scores of others thought to be missing.


As England gets set to break a 55-year jinx in tonight’s Euro 2020 finals, the British queen, Elizabeth the second, and Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, have voiced separate messages of support to the English team.

In various statements released to the press, Queen Elizabeth praised the spirit, commitment and pride with which the current team conducted itself, while Prime Minister Johnson, said the team lifted the spirits of the whole country.

Addressing a news conference ahead of the showdown, England manager, Gareth Southgate, hailed the queen and the prime minister’s support as encouraging, insisting the team is in the game to win.

On his part, Captain of the English team, Harry Kane, described the support given by fans as highly needed, expressing hope that the players would bring the trophy home.

In the meantime, the Italian Coach, Roberto Mancini, described his team’s qualification as a great day but promised not to overlook qualities of the English team as both sides lock horns for the euro 2020 trophy at Wembley tonight.

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