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Npf/kyari suspension

The inspector-general of police, usman baba has suspended the deputy commissioner of police abba kyari over alledged money laundering, involving instragram influencer, ramon abbas also known as hushpuppi.

Police spokesman, frank mba made this known in statement, saying kyari will remain out of service of the nigeria police force pending the outcome of investigations.

Mba added that the suspension will help the special investigation panel headed by the deputy inspector general of police in-charge of the force criminal investigations department, joseph egbunike to carry out its investigations into the weighty allegations against the deputy police commissioner by the united states government without interference.


Justice alaba omolaye-ajileye of the kogi state high court has decried the absence of a legislative framework to regulate electronic transactions in nigeria.

Justice omolaye-ajileye, in a paper delivered at the july edition of the monthly webinar organised by the rule of law development foundation said while african countries like south africa, kenya, zambia, ghana, and tanzania had enacted laws to protect consumers engaging in e-commerce and other online transactions including cryptocurrency trading, nigeria had yet to do the same in the technological age.

He therefore said the absence of laws regulating electronic transactions put consumers engaging in such at risk, adding that it was the legislative lacuna that opened up a controversy over the legitimacy of cryptocurrency trading.

U.s/infrastructure bill

The united states senate is working on 1 trillion dollar infrastructure bill as lawmakers from both parties sought to advance president joe biden’s top legislative priority.

U.s. democratic senate leader, chuck schumer disclosed this in a rare july 31 session, saying the bipartisan group working on the legislation needed additional time but noted that when the legislative text is ready by august 2, it would be offered as the substitute amendment and after that, the senate can begin voting on amendments.

Schumer explained that the ambitious plan had the backing of democrats and republicans, the backing he said had already cleared two hurdles by broad margins in the closely divided senate.

Report says after passing the 1 trillion dollar bill, schumer aims to push forward on a sweeping 3.5 trillion dollars package that focuses on climate change and home care for the elderly and children.


The united states national security advisor, jake sullivan has urged tunisian president, kais saied to outline a swift return to the democratic path.

Sullivan gave the charge in a telephone conversation with president saied.

He underscored to president saied the need for rapidly forming a new government, led by a capable prime minister to stabilise tunisia’s economy and confront the covid-19 pandemic as well ensuring the timely return of the elected parliament.

Report says on july 25, saied invoked a national emergency over the covid 19 pandemic and poor governance to dismiss prime minister hichem mechichi, freeze parliament for 30 days and seize executive control.

Meanhwhile, there was no immediate statement by the tunisian presidency following the call.

New zealand/apology

New zealand prime minister, jacinda ardern has formally apologised for police crackdowns in the 1970s that targeted the country’s pacific communities.

Ardern made the apology while addressing a tearful crowd gathered at the auckland town hall, the country’s largest city,  saying the government expresses its sorrow, remorse and regret that the dawn raids and random police checks occurred and that the actions were ever considered inappropriate.

She offered unreserved apology for the infamous people who had come to new zealand on temporary visas to help fill a need for workers in the country’s factories and fields but were told to carry identification to prove they were not overstayers.               

The pm therefore assured the people that the government would respond to current immigration needs and that petitions had been submitted to find pathways and residency for overstayers and visa-holders.


Myanmar’s military ruler, min aung has expressed readiness to work with any special envoy named by the association of southeast asian nations, asean.

Aung made the expression in a televised address, saying his government is ready to work on asean cooperation within its framework including the dialogue with the association’s special envoy in myanmar.

The army leader restated his pledge to restore democracy without detailing a time frame, adding that there would also be new multi-party elections in the country.

Meanwhile, report says asean foreign ministers will meet on august 2, when diplomats say they aim to finalise a special envoy tasked with ending violence and promoting dialogue between the junta and its opponents.


Hundreds of peruvians have rallied against left-wing president pedro castillo days after he appointed a hardliner and a marxist as his prime minister.

The protesters marched through peru’s capital, lima, on july 31 evening, carrying placards such as terrorism, never again, no to communism, denouncing newly appointed prime minister guido bellido as a terrorist and a sympathiser of rebel group that killed tens of thousands of peruvians in the 1980s and 1990s in an attempt to seize power.

Some of the protesters who expressed their discontent said they did not vote for president castillo to put extremists in the cabinet.

Castillo who was officially sworn in as president of peru on july 28, two weeks after he was declared winner of the june 6 runoff named bellido, 42, a member of his free peru party as prime minister on july 29.


The death toll from wildfires raging in turkey has risen to six after two forest workers were killed.

Turkey health minister, fahrettin koca made the confirmation in an interview with newsmen, saying a new blaze erupted on july 31 in the popular holiday resort of bodrum on the aegean coast, leading to the death of another 2.

Koca added that 400 people affected in manavgat by the fires raging across southern turkey since july 28 have been treated at hospitals and released but 10 others were still hospitalized, while in marmaris, 159 people were treated and one person was still undergoing treatment for burns.

Speaking during a visit to manavgat, president recep tayyip erdogan assured that all damaged houses would be rebuilt and losses compensated, adding that azerbaijan, russia, ukraine and iran had sent firefighting planes and support teams to the affected areas.


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