The Odun Oba festival as the name connotes, is the festival of the king, the festival marks the beginning of a new year in Ondo kingdom.

This year’s festival in the kingdom offered another opportunity for those indigenous to the town, home and in the diaspora to come together, celebrate their king and rally for the development of the community.

The event held at the Ugha, Palace of the Osemawe and paramount ruler of Ondo kingdom, Oba Dr. Victor Adesimbo Kiladejo, Jilothe third, CFR, the 44th king on the kingdom witnessed the display of the rich cultural heritage of the town.


High chiefs in Ondo kingdom have called on Nigerian youths to embrace their culture as stipulated by their forefathers.

The Sasere of Ondo kingdom, High Chief Olusola Adeduro; the Adaja of Ondo kingdom, High Chief Adedeji Solafuboye and the Odofin of Ondo kingdom, High chief Akinsola Olaniyan made the call in separate interviews on the sideline of this year’s 2021 Odun Oba festival.

The high chiefs, who described cultural as the intergral part of every society, said culture is not static, it is a means of identification.

While speaking, High Chief Sasere therefore charged all to be disciplined.

High chief Solafuboye on his part urged the older one to intensify effort in educating the younger generation who have jettison their rich culture.

Condemning those who believe technology have taken the place of culture, High Chief Olaniyan explained that technology is just a development which can be used to develop the culture and not to eradicate it.

The High Chiefs therefore called on parents to teach their children their founding culture which will only promote peace and developed society.


Unity is the state of being together or doing things in common, the 2021 Odun Oba festival is a total description of unity as the sons and daughters of Ondo kingdom converged in their large numbers to celebrate the festival in a grand style.

The festival this year witnessed people of Ondo kingdom, both home and abroad gathered at Ugha, the Osemawe’s palace in their beautiful attires to celebrate the festival.

Speaking on importance of the event, the Sodi of Ondo kingdom, Chief Micheal Olafemiwa explained that the annual festival is aimed at building strong relationship in the kingdom and prayed for the progress of the kingdom.

On his part, Akunnara of Ondo kingdom, Chief Olaniyan Olarenwaju and one of the Chief’s wife, Mosunmola Akinnagbe noted that the festival brings together sons and daughters of the kingdom.

They therefore advised indigenes of Ondo kingdom to join hands together for the growth of the kingdom.


It is another joyous moment in Ondo kingdom as indigenes of Ondo decked in their different attires, gathered at the palace of the Osemawe and Paramount ruler of Ondo kingdom to celebrate the 2021 Odun Oba festival.

Speaking on the significance of drums in any culture, Otunba Lisapon Akinrolamo identified the different types of drums for the king and chiefs which is based on their hierarchy.

Also expressing the esthetics of drum in every culture, the drummers showed their strength at the event with different sounds and beats from their drums including the Ilu Ugbaji which is for the king and Ilu Oloje for the chiefs of Ondo kingdom.

Odun Oba festival is an annual event which exhibits a typical example of total theatre which involves, action, music and dance in celebrating the rich culture of the people of Ondo.


The Lijofi of Ondo kingdom, Chief Odunboluwa Fadoju has charged indigenes of the kingdom to preserve their culture for generations to come.

Chief Fadoju gave the charge on the sideline of this year’s Odun Oba festival while speaking on the importance of culture.

According to him, Ondo kingdom is blessed with rich culture that comes in form of festivals, dance, arts and tribal marks, the kind of meal they prepare, attire, greetings, among others, hence the need to preserve the cultural heritage.

Also, The Ogbodu of Lijofi kingdom, Chief Olakunle Akinnagbe stated that the traditional attires worn showcased the rich culture of the Ondos.

Losari of Ondo kingdom, Chief Benson Awosika, added that the festivals represent the way of life of the people.

They also affirmed that the festival create avenue once a year to appreciate the traditional ruler of the kingdom.


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